Marc Peterson

Director, Emerging Capabilities, Senior Practitioner

Marc brings more than a decade of experience in graphic, environment, event, advertising, brand design across many marketing channels, and the emotional connection between products and users.

Before joining MAYA, Marc directed the Visual Media Department of élan communications, which he helped to establish in 1995. He integrated customer experiences from the smallest design details to overall message platforms for clients such as MasterCard, Audi, Motorola, Texaco, TRW, Bayer Diagnostics, B. Braun Medical, Panasonic, PPG, IBM, Ford Motor Company, Biocompatibles Inc., Schering Plough, and Nuasis.

Marc studied with Dennis Ichiyama and David Sigman at Purdue University, where he earned a Visual Communications Design B.A. Through the Yale University School of Art, he studied with Paul Rand, Armin Hofmann, Pierre Mendell, and Richard Sapper in Brissago, Switzerland. He has also taught design at the university level.

He has received awards and honors from AIGA, Exhibitor Magazine, Graphic Design USA, and others.


BA Visual Communications Design, Purdue University